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Let me introduce myself... and dice bag free crochet pattern

  Welcome to Confusionmaven . I'm Jen! Wife, mother of four, and left-handed crochet artist. Here I plan to share my crochet creations, original patterns, and whatever else I can think of.  Left handed crochet? In my life, people have asked me if it's "hard" being left handed. Because I have no basis of comparison (being that I've never been right handed), I always say no. Being left handed was just normal. As a child, I wrote, colored, brushed my teeth, played, and ate with my left hand. There are probably some things I do with my right hand that I naturally picked up from those adults around me, but other than that, I'm a leftie.  When I hit about seven, I had noticed the adult women in my life crocheting these wonderful things. Doilies. Afghans. Sweet little baby dresses. It was wonderful and I wanted to know how they did it, so I asked to learn. They were all so eager to teach me, and they all tried. Now, I credit myself with being a fast learner in most t

Amigurumi Kawaii Hearts - Free Pattern!

Welcome! It's January and the stores are already filling up with red and pink hearts, candies, and teddy bears! However, we have just come off Christmas and I don't know about you, but my pocketbook is a little skinny. I do want to show my loved ones how much I care on February 14th, though, so I came up with this heart pattern that I want to share with all of you. These sweet little kawaii amigurumi hearts can be used to fill a decorative bowl, strung up as garland to be used as home decor, or given to someone as a gift. Children, in particular, will love these. They also make great teacher gifts or even Valentine party favors!  I have plenty of yarn scraps and I happen to have safety eyes lying around, but if you don't have safety eyes, no worries. You can embroider the eyes or leave them off altogether. There are no rules here!  These hearts are made with any color of yarn you prefer. You can go traditional with red or pink or be different like our little minty friend in