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 Hello everyone! This post is about amigurumi. If you're not sure, amigurumi is the Japanese art of crocheting or knitting stuffed toys. 

Amigurumi is a favorite pastime of mine. One of the best things about amigurumi is that there are very few stitches to know for most patterns. The most important stitch to know is the single crochet. If you are very new to crochet, there are tons of tutorials out there that show you. If you'd like to see a fairly simple amigurumi pattern that incorporates single crochet, see my previous post for Amigurumi Kawaii Hearts.

Today, I'm going to introduce the idea of a basic body form. With the basic body form, you can make any number of creatures - almost any animal imaginable, dolls, and so on. You can make them in any color you like and can make them as large or small as you like. (For smaller toys, use a smaller weight yarn and a smaller hook. For larger toys, use larger weight yarns and larger hooks. A good rule of thumb is to always use at least one hook size smaller than what's recommended on the yarn packaging.)

This is the basic body form that I made:

Materials used:
- Lion Brand Comfy Cotton Blend Yarn in Whipped Cream (weight: 3)
- 2.75 mm (C) hook
- 10 mm safety eyes
- polyfill
- yarn needle for tucking in ends

Progress Pics:

I started by making two legs and joining them together with a chain 3. While playing the Sims 4. I'm a multitasker!
Join legs together
I continued crocheting up his body. It takes a while. Feels like a billion tiny stitches.

Then I do not fasten off! I just put down the project and use a stitch marker to keep my place and keep it from unravelling. Take this opportunity to stuff the body. It's time to make two arms! 

After making and stuffing the arms, I have to decide where they will go on the body. I mark those spots with stitch markers.

Then, I crochet across one side of one arm and the body piece. 

Continue to crochet around and do the same with the other arm. On the next round, I pick up the stitches on the outside of the arms.

Continue around and include a few decreases while you're at it to form the neck.

Once you have the neck hole the size you want, you will begin increasing again to form the head.

When you get the head to the size you want, you can stop increasing for a few rounds, then start the decrease. Here he is sitting in my project bag with most of his head done. 

When you finish his head, you'll need to close the hole. 

This is a fun little project that has so much potential! It's like a blank slate allowing you to turn it into whatever you want! Download a digital pdf of this pattern to make your own.

Next week, I'm going to share how I turned this little body into a Valentine Bear, so stay tuned!


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