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Merkitty - Free Pattern!

I love mermaids and I love cats, so one day it just made sense to me to combine the two to create: the Merkitten.  Because I used whatever yarn I had on hand, the color scheme, in my opinion, is not the best. I should try to make it again sometime and make better color selections. Until then... let's do this! Any color of yarn may be used. You are working in continuous rounds unless otherwise stated. Materials: - Yarn weight 4 - pink (fur), variegated (tail), green (bow) - black embroidery floss (mouth / nose) - 3.5 mm crochet hook - Fiberfill - 14 mm safety eyes - 5/8" foam hair roller  - Yarn needle Skill level: intermediate Abbreviations: mr - magic ring sc - single crochet inc - increase (2 sc in same stitch) dec - decrease (sc 2 together) st - stitch ch - chain hdc - half double crochet dc - double crochet sl st - slip stitch BLO - back loop only Head and Body Begin with fur color (I used pink) and work in continuous rounds. Rnd 1: 6 sc in mr (6) Rnd 2: inc x 6 (12) Rnd

Crochet Lessons on YouTube!! The First Three Lessons

Ladies and Gentlemen - I give you Confusionmaven on YouTube ! That's right! Now you, too, can learn to crochet. Buttercup does not seem impressed. I know. I know. Seems like everyone is starting a YouTube these days. What makes mine so special? Well, I'll tell you!    I started the Confusionmaven channel last weekend so I could post tutorials for those of us who need a reference. Eventually, it will be a way for me to keep a record or journal of my crochet projects. On the plus side - it's fun. On the minus side - it's not a piece of cake! There's actual work involved and because I work a day job that is kicking into high gear this time of year, the scheduling has been ... a challenge, to say the least. Having said that, in my opinion, the plus side outweighs the minus. I am not one to balk at a little challenge.  With this channel, I plan to create both a beginner and an advanced crochet series, where I talk about standard stitches that form the basics of croc

Easter Bunny Amigurumi Pattern

Hello, my friends! I'm getting in the spring spirit and could not help but to put everything else aside and work up this adorable Easter bunny. This is the second bunny I've come up with ( See my first! ) and they are so much fun to create. This cutie can be made in any color and is just the right size for snuggles. The carrot can be attached or remain free for feeding time. This is an easy pattern perfect for amigurumi beginners.  Be sure to check out my other patterns ! If you have questions or pattern suggestions, find me on Instagram , Facebook , Email , or Comment below. Please note that any color of yarn may be used and any type (acrylic, cotton, etc.). I used Red Heart worsted weight (size 4) in light jasmine for the bunny's body. If you use a smaller gauge yarn than listed in the materials, be sure to adjust your hook size accordingly. The final product will be smaller or larger depending on your yarn and hook size. This pattern is for personal use only. Please do n

I'm baaack!!

So, this has been a whirlwind of a year, but one thing I love about this space right here is that I can take time away, get some things done, and come back here ready to pick up where I left off with no judgment. Thank you for that! How has my life changed during this last year?  My biggest accomplishment - I completed a six-month certification program that will open up some opportunities and allow me to advance in my day job.  I continue to crochet every day. Some of my creations from this year can be found below. These are not all my patterns.  Plans for the future - Something I bet you didn't know is that, in addition to crochet, I create low-content coloring books, activity books, journals, and recipe trackers just for the fun of it! This has taken a backseat over the last year to allow me space for completing my certification program, however, I'm starting to pick this back up along with this blog and pattern writing. I'm hoping to put my crochet p