My first YouTube tutorial adventure with Kawaii Amigurumi Heart!


So, I stepped outside my comfort zone with a new type of video. Up until this point, I have been making videos that detail the basics of crochet. This time I am doing my first tutorial for an original pattern - the Kawaii Amigurumi Heart

The reason I chose to do this video is that I wanted to show the increase and decrease stitches but felt that just a video on these stitches would be pretty boring. The heart uses both increase and decrease and working in rounds which is the topic of the previous video.

My strategy for increasing interest in this video may not be the prescribed way of doing things (or maybe it is... who's to say), but it's my way. First, I posted a picture of the finished piece on my socials. This was done three days before the writing of this blog entry. Then one day before the writing of this post, I put the pattern on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. I probably could have posted on the various free crochet pattern boards on Facebook, but I always end up feeling strange after doing that. Some of these groups give me a vibe for whatever reason. 

Finally, I got to the video. This video was time-intensive, but it was also a lot of fun! 

If you have ideas for future tutorials, leave those in the comments! 


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